Solve the problem of recording calls for Android 9

Solve the problem of recording calls for Android 9, the solution to the problem of the call recording program does not record the caller’s voice, a lot of problems that have appeared recently and many people have complained about them who want to record and save calls in order to refer to them at later times when needed,

Call recording software does not record the caller’s voice

Personally, I encountered the problem of not recording calls on the Samsung A50 operating system 9 and 10 when I used the Call recorder program, as the recording is successfully done and is saved within the application files on the Android mobile device, but the caller’s voice does not appear when it is turned on to hear a call precedent.

In previous versions Android 6, 7 and lower, this problem did not appear, but with the versions of Android 9, Android 10, 11 and Android 12, it became not possible to record calls on Android, and the reason is due to the privacy provided by Google in its new operating systems, which prevents the recording of any Calls without giving the necessary permissions.

Solve the problem of recording calls for Android 9

It should be noted that it is practically not possible to solve the problem of recording calls for Android 9 or other versions, for a simple reason, which is the privacy that the company has given great importance to prevent spying on people, but it is possible that some applications and programs for recording conversations on the phone in Android 9 work away from The official base app, and you can try some of them that respect privacy, including Call Recorder ACR, as follows:

Download the best call recording software clearly

  • Download Call Recorder – ACR for Android, click here.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Wait for the application to be installed on your phone.
  • Click on the program icon to run it.
  • Click (Allow) to give the app permissions to record audio and save calls to file.
  • Any outgoing and incoming calls will be recorded automatically.
Call Recorder
  • You can disable automatic call recording by deactivating the recording in the application settings.
  • To access the recorded calls, open the application.
  • In the interface, you will find conversations categorized by number.
  • Click on the call you want to hear, to be able to hear it successfully.
  • You can also record calls for Android 10 and other versions that work on Samsung Galaxy phones, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

There are many applications and other programs that you can use to be able to record phone conversations in a successful and fast way, and it is important to ensure the permissions of the given application in order to be able to run it successfully, and at the same time review the permissions well.

The cause of the call recording problem for Android 9

There are a lot of reasons why this problem appears in Android 9, Android 10, 11 and other versions, as follows:

  • The existence of a conflict between the application and the system itself, which prevents it from doing its work in full.
  • The call recording feature is not available in some countries, as it is not available in some countries, which causes the problem to appear.
  • Some countries have prohibited the recording of calls to preserve privacy, according to an agreement between them and the telecommunications providers.
  • Android operating system updates that prevent any call saving process of any kind.

Samsung call recording feature

It is worth noting that the South Korean company Samsung provides a feature to record calls on the phone by default, where you can record calls without programs or applications manually, and the steps are as follows:

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